Suas iOS & Android Unidirectional Flow Architecture

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Adding Suas to your project


Suas is distributed as two libraries:

Suas iOS

Suas on iOS can be installed with Carthage or CocoaPods

Installing with Carthage

Open your Cartfile and append the following:

github "zendesk/suas-ios" "master"

Then build it with carthage update

Installing with CocoaPods

Add pod 'Suas' to your Podfile.


source ''
platform :ios, '8.0'

pod 'Suas'

Then run pod install

Suas Android

Add Suas as a dependency to your build file:


/*---- For Android Plugin 3.x and up ----*/
//suas core
implementation 'com.zendesk.suas:suas:1.0.0'
//suas middleware
implementation 'com.zendesk.suas:suas-thunk:1.2.0'

/*----  For Android Plugin 2.x and below ----*/
//suas core
compile 'com.zendesk.suas:suas:1.0.0'
//suas middleware
compile 'com.zendesk.suas:suas-thunk:1.2.0'



What's Next

Check how to get started with Suas .

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Adding Suas to your project

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