Welcome to Suas, we hope you like it as much as we do :)

Suas is a unidirectional data flow architecture implementation for iOS/macOS/tvOS/watchOS and Android heavily inspired by Redux. It provides an easy-to-use library that helps to create applications that are consistent, deterministic, and scalable.

Suas focuses on providing good developer experience and tooling such as customizable logging and state transition monitoring .

Suas is a pragmatic framework. It is designed to work nicely with Cocoa/CocoaTouch and Android/Java/Kotlin UI Elements.

It is easy to adapt Suas into your project gradually. Check how in Getting Started. Join our gitter chat channel for any questions.

Why Suas

Suas helps you to build highly-dynamic, consistent mobile applications:

  • Cross platform; Suas-iOS works on iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Suas-Android works on all API levels and provides a Kotlin-friendly interface.
  • Focuses on developer experience with plugins/tools like LoggerMiddleware and Suas Monitor.
  • Small code base with low operational footprint.
  • Static typing and type information are conserved in the Store, Reducers, and Listeners.
  • Fast out of the box, and can be customized by developers to be even faster with filtering listeners.

GitHub Repositories

Suas is split into 6 repositories:

API reference

Suas API reference can be found here:

What's next

Head to getting started next to read how you can start writing your first Suas application.

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