Suas iOS & Android Unidirectional Flow Architecture

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List of sample applications

List of sample applications built with Suas.

Counter App Example

Example application with a label that displays the counter values and two buttons to increment and decrement the counter.

This example shows the simplest possible Suas application.

Todo App Example

Example application that shows adding todo items and editing them; like removing and reordering items.

This example shows multiple actions. And show how to consume the state in a table view.

Search Cities Example

Example application that searches for a list of cities from the network.

This example shows:

Todo app with settings example

Example application that contains two screens; todo screen that shows a list of todos, and settings screen that shows the application settings.

This example shows:

  • How to model an app with multiple states .
  • How to create a store with multiple reducers.
  • How to listen to changes in multiple states.
  • How to use the StateSelector.

Weather application

Example application that shows the weather information for a list of cities.

This example shows:

This application can be found in GitHub: